Blogging on this site

This site is for the community and it’s purpose is to have a forum for photos, events, resources and blog posts; this will be especially helpful to folks who don’t have Facebook.

It’s a WordPress site, which is a free platform, but you need to have an account to comment or post. If you want to contribute a blog post, open a WordPress account and send me your email address or WordPress username and I will add you as a Contributor. Send correspondence to idlenomoreniagara[at]

If this seems like too much for anyone, you can write your blog post in an email and send to idlenomoreniagara[at] and I’ll post it for you.

I hope that others will in time volunteer to serve as Administrators of this site if it proves helpful and people want to keep it going.


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One Response to Blogging on this site

  1. Erin Wilson says:

    Arrived at here via a tweet from Karl. Appreciate and support your efforts!

    Had a comment about language… you may want to consider changing the language ‘handouts’ to ‘flyers’ or some such thing. I know it seems small, but ‘handouts’ is a word I often hear used by racist folks when insulting the Native community. Looking at your site with an outsider’s eyes, that word jumped out at me before your message.

    Feel free to delete this comment. Just wanted to pass that along.
    Peace to you, and my prayers. As you win justice for your community, you win justice for all.

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